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Our Studio

Jim Lennon Photographer, Inc., The Studio
Jim Lennon Photographer, Inc. is a full service photography studio located in the heart of the Hauppauge Industrial Park. The facility has a kitchen studio and a separate 50′ long drive-in studio, both with 17′ high ceilings.

• Quad Core APPLE G5 Towers connected with High Speed networking give photographers and clients all the digital capabilities necessary for an efficient working environment.

• Dedicated travel-ready Cameras, Laptops, Lighting and support equipment keep location photography hassle-free.

• High-resolution NIKON and Hasselblad/Leaf™ Digital Camera systems provide superior photographic images for Advertising, Web, Corporate and Commercial Clients.

• Experienced digital technicians handle attention to detail, retouching and color correction on every file delivered.

• The studio is equipped with a Makeup / Dressing room, full working kitchen, prop room, client work area, production area, workshop and over 100 in-stock backgrounds for everything from product photos to large scale productions.